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When hair’s all falling out as it does in the spring, the sure way is to get adhesive all the way to the skin.  Pop a new HEATMARK ERO on top and you’ve got the best in heat detection well bonded for under a dollar a cow!

Rurtec has been supplying an ever improving range of heat detectors over the last 12 years.  We now believe they have the break through product with convenient application and a much more affordable cost.

Available in limited quantities for the coming season, new HEATMARK ERO is set to revolutionise heat detection.  

The “quick cure” ERO aerosol adhesive offers the convenience of press button administration.  And it allows bonding to the skin without the messiness of having to spread the glue yourself, as is the case with Kamar detectors.

Incorporating scratch indicator technology, HEATMARK detectors give better differentiation between activation from a true standing heat and from other rubbing. Dye bubble type detectors may be fully activated by other pressure such as from low branches or head resting by herdmates.   Heatmark Detectors however, require the significant rubbing from a true standing heat to fully rub all the silver coating off the detector.

HEATMARK Self Adhesive detectors, and soon limited quantities of the new HEATMARK ERO detectors, will be available from all leading vet/farm supply stores.  For further info call 0800 RURTEC.


Recent innovations with the world leading MATINGMARK Products include:

Crayons are now available in Hot (for use in temperatures regularly over 25oC) as Mild (over 18oC) and Cold (less than 18oC) types and have proven popular in South Africa and the USA in particular.

The Purple Crayons are now made with a violet pigment as opposed to mixing red and blue as previously.  The resulting marks are very vivid and clearly purple!

A review with testing of the strength and durability of components used to make MATINGMARK Harnesses has been completed.  You can have confidence that the metal o-rings and YKK buckles used are the strongest available.

A longer strap harness was developed for the North American market to accomodate fitting to the HUGE show bucks that breed in that part of the world.

And hot off the press, a new smaller harness for use on ram hoggets is now available.

 A video demonstrating how easy it is get your working men well equipped is now available Easy To Use.  One to show the quick and easy fitting and changing of crayons with the MATINGMARK system will follow.  For those with old style harnesses wanting to use MATINGMARK Crayons, the good folks at Premier have published this video...

Another option for using MATINGMARK with old style harnesses is to purchase a MATINGMARK Conversion Kit and update the crayon holder to get the MATINGMARK Crayon fitting and changing benefits without the cost of a new harness.  MATINGMARK Replacement Buckle Kits are also handy to fix any issues on getting harnesses fitted - note fitting the female half of the buckle does require it to be sewn, a saddlery store should be able to do this.


The demand for the old version of TREV'S RATTLE - orange with its big round head demonstrated the need for noisy assistance in getting stock, particularly sheep, moved.  The new slimline version that fits easily in the pocket and is very light and easy to carry pumps out as many or more decibels when required and has proved very popular since its launch this year.