Why Farmers Use MATINGMARK

Farmers in New Zealand

“More knowledge equals more flexibility.  We been using MATINGMARK for many years with good success.  We use a total of three colours which we change every ten to fourteen days.  This allows us to identify ewes with similar lambing dates, which we then run together for lambing.  This is especially important with twin and triplet carrying ewes allowing them to be settled for lambing.  Better lambing paddocks can be used first, we can start docking earlier and in the terminal sire flock, we only need to concentrate on the earliest lambing ewes to pick fat lambs.  Harnessing is also handy for identifying late and dry ewes so they can be sold before winter. Taking out the guess work with the harnesses and scanning contributes to what sheep farmers need to do, in order to make money in the industry.” 



MATINGMARK marking harnesses play a big part in our tupping and in-lamb ewe feeding strategy.  We can more accurately match the feed supply; quantity and quality with the different stages of ewe pregnancy.  Following scanning we can closely monitor the ewes that are carrying single or multiples and plan the feeding accordingly.

We believe our low eleven percent loss from scanning to docking to be due mainly to the target feeding.  Other benefits include being able to plan labour at the right time for each lambing group and meat contracts can be targeted with the ability to provide clarity as to the timing and number of stock available.

Catching the rams, harnessing and checking them does take time but we find the benefits make the effort more than worthwhile.”

“One of the most important tools we have in our arsenal is the simple ram harness mark. We have found it a powerful tool, alongside scanning, to allocate feed to specific groups up to the lamb drop.  We are better able to allocate feed to the ewes in the period leading up to lambing ensuring we  are lambing on 1200 to 1400 covers and getting better milking ability of the ewes and survival of lambs.  We find the extra labour of harnessing pays handsome dividends.”




"We use only MATINGMARK Harnesses - they are the only harnesses that don't cause excess rubbing and are easy to fit.  Top product!"

Keith & Hilary McNab, Owaka, South Otago


Mate, the MATINGMARK harnesses and crayons are fantastic.....

Today to change a crayon is a pleasure instead of a chore (like with the crappy leather and split pins devices we used to use). 
Maybe farmers who used to use the old gear and went off it don't realise how easy it is now?!!”


From a well-known farming figure who wishes to remain anonymous...


Mark Hill, Ardgartan, Grassdale, VIC

Farmers in Australia

“By using MATINGMARK Harnesses on our 80-plus rams we can split our lambing into two stages so have more time to deal with ewes pre lambing. Then  not having to go around all the ewes every day during lambing is a real time saver.

Also we can budget on sending off the first cycle lambs first knowing that their weights are tightly grouped. The harnesses quick and easy to strap on, crayons last all joining and the marks are gone from the wool at shearing eleven months later.”


I use MATINGMARK harnesses and crayons to monitor mating activity.I am happy with the performance of the product and will keep buying it."  

     Denis Russell, South Australia


Farmers in the UK

“Crayon replacement is particularly easy - it just clicks in and out without screwdrivers or pins - and the MATINGMARK crayons give a clear and reliable mark.  The extra wide webbing is also excellent.  It ensures that the harness stays in the middle of the brisket - preventing slippages which wound the ram.  MATINGMARK is a marvellous invention.  Based on my experience, my neighbours have now switiched to MATINGMARK also.”









Bill & Colin Woodcock, Northumberland 


Owen Evans, Isle of Anglesey

“The webbing keeps its shape and it doesn’t cut into the animal’s skin. MATINGMARK is easy to fit, stays in place after days of work and is very ram-friendly.  The other great advantage is that it’s possible to change the marker crayon without having to turn the ram on his back. The crayon simply slides into the holder.  The wide range of crayon colours is very useful too - I can cover the whole season, and the individual crayons each last a fortnight. Some other markers that I’ve used in the past could be plastered all over the backs of a couple of ewes in an afternoon.  I fully endorse MATINGMARK; it’s easy to fit, easy to adjust and welfare friendly. Both the harness and the crayons are very durable, and that saves me time and money.”


Farmers in USA



After I picked up the MATINGMARK Hot Crayons, they sat in the HOT truck all day and didn't melt at all.  Temps were only in the upper 80's (oF)but the inside of the truck got really hot.  Past crayons were so soft that they were almost gushy in our truly hot weather.  I would find soft blobs of crayon on the ground where the rams had been lying.  I also had streaks of color down the ram's front legs.  And these were marked hot weather crayons. 

 I like the MATINGMARK harnesses -  they are easy to put on and the straps are wider than the other harnesses that I've had which seems to help with the abrading issue.  I haven't seen any abrasions from the MATINGMARK harnesses on any of the rams.  This is the first time that I've successfully used marking harnesses."

Robin Snyder, spinner, weaver, shepherd
San Diego, California